Make A Gift
Your fully tax-deductible gift provides...
  Scholarships for students of the Franklin Pierce School District Distinguished Portfolio - Senior Navigation Scholarships

•  Recognition of loved ones with a memorial gift or scholarship

  Learning opportunities for students (e.g. summer science camp, parent training to assist with transition to school, etc.)

Donate online  Network for Good

Printable form: General contribution form

Types of Giving:

General Endowment Gifts of any amount are included in our general endowment fund which is used to generate annual scholarships.
Named Annual Scholarships A gift of $500 or more is renewable on an annual basis.  Gifts can honor family members, friends or businesses.
Endowed Scholarships  These funds will exist in perpetuity and can honor family members or friends. 

Ways of giving:
A Current Gift - A donor can establish a fund with the Franklin Pierce Foundation.
A Bequest - The donor can name the Franklin Pierce Foundation in wills or estate plans to meet both charitable and tax-planning goals.
Memorials - Memorials may be established to honor loved ones.
Charitable Remainder Trust - This trust allows donors with larger assets to make gifts, reduce taxes and receive income for life.

Assets to Give:
Cash - Cash assets are the simplest and most convenient gift.
Appreciated Securities - The donor pays no capital gains tax and receives an income tax deduction on the full fair market value of the stock.
Closely Held Stock - Donations of closely held stock can provide significant tax advantages.
Life Insurance - The donor may purchase a new policy or donate an existing policy.
Real Property - The Franklin Pierce Foundation may accept real property under certain circumstances.
Retirement Funds - IRA and other retirement funds donated to the Franklin Pierce Foundation can save donors from paying estate taxes.