The Foundation Executive Director

Jim Ross picture
Jim Ross, Executive Director

Jim Ross became the Executive Director of the Franklin Pierce Foundation in 2010.  With his retirement from teaching in that year, 54 years of the Ross family teaching in the Franklin Pierce School District ended.  Brother Bob was a teacher and coach at Franklin Pierce High School from 1956 until the opening of Washington High School in 1968.  Bob moved to the new school as head basketball coach, teacher, and eventually vocational guidance counselor.

Jim Ross was hired as a geology teacher, assistant librarian, and audio-visual coordinator at Franklin Pierce High School in 1968. Over his 42 years at FPHS he taught geology, biology, environmental science, algebra, chemistry, physics and numerous specialized courses during the days of interim at FPHS.  During that first year he also became the clock operator and announcer for basketball at FPHS and WHS.  He eventually became known as “The Voice of the Cardinals” announcing boys and girls basketball, wrestling, football, and track.  He continued to announce the sporting events for the Cardinals until 2014.

During his teaching career he served on many committees but the most rewarding, and often the most frustrating, committee was the Franklin Pierce Scholarship Committee.  As a member and chairmen of this committee he helped select a handful of scholarship recipients each year.  There were always too few scholarships and too many deserving students.  Therefore, when Jim was asked to become the Executive Director of the Franklin Pierce Foundation it was an easy decision.  He saw this as an opportunity to reduce the frustration by increasing the number of scholarships available to graduating seniors in the Franklin Pierce Schools.