Doug Roberts Memorial Scholarship

Open toFor students at Franklin Pierce

This permanent endowment scholarship was established by the Roberts family in memory of Doug Roberts a 1967 graduate of Franklin Pierce High School.


The scholarship will be awarded to one male graduate from Franklin Pierce High School. The scholarship may only be used at any four-year college selected by the recipient.

Amount1 scholarship(s) of $750 each. (total annual contribution: $750)
Award notesOne time award.
Selection criteria
  • Must be a male graduate of Franklin Pierce High School.
  • Must have attended Franklin Pierce High School for a minimum of two years.
  • The recipient must have the potential to pursue a four-year degree program successfully. The scholarship can only be used at a four-year college.
  • Preference is to be given to a football participant but if no football participant is considered to be eligible for the scholarship then participants from other varsity sports may be considered. No order of varsity sports is then mandatory.
  • The recipient should be in need of financial aid to be able to attend college. It is suggested that the committee try to determine if the young man has tried to aid himself financially for future college attendance.
  • The recipient must be a person of integrity. His school citizenship will be considered, as will his participation in and support of school activities other than athletics. Church and community activities may also serve as matters of evaluation for selection.
Selection process

The FPHS Faculty Scholarship Committee, with input from the football coach or other appropriate varsity coaches, will select the recipient and one alternate annually. The scholarship shall be awarded to the alternate selected if the primary award winner does not meet the requirements of the scholarship.


Doug RobertsDoug Roberts was born on February 14, 1949 and attended Harvard Elementary, Ford Junior High, and Franklin Pierce High Schools.

Doug’s father, A. J. “Bud” Roberts was a big supporter of youth athletics in Pierce County so it was only natural that Doug participated in athletics most of his life.

He started young at the South End Boys Club where he played baseball and football for several years. He was on teams with future professional players Ahmad Rashad (football) and Ron Cey (baseball). While at Ford Junior High he played basketball and managed to score a basket for the opponent at the wrong end of the court. He didn’t play much basketball after that. By the time he reached high school his primary focus became football and he played tackle for the Cardinals all three years. He was truly a Cardinal and drove a red and white 1966 Chevelle Super Sport.

Doug was also an avid sportsman, enjoying hunting and fishing, especially salmon fishing on Puget Sound. He was a strong swimmer and spent many hours water skiing on Clear Lake near Eatonville. When he was 9 years old he received a Boy Scouts of America award for saving his sister Gayle from drowning.

Doug graduated from Franklin Pierce High School in June 1967 and attended Columbia Basin College in Pasco Washington on an athletic scholarship to play football. On November 28, 1967 Doug Roberts drowned while duck hunting with friends in Benton County, near Pasco. Bud Roberts established this scholarship to help a Franklin Pierce Cardinal football player continue his education and to honor the all too short life of his son.

Administration of the fundThe fund is administered by the Franklin Pierce Foundation, a nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Washington.
Method of payment
  • Receipt of a completed Scholarship Acceptance Form will hold this scholarship for the student. The scholarship can be held no longer than 16 months after June 30th of the year of graduation from high school.
  • Upon receipt of Proof of Enrollment Form including a student ID number, funds will be released to the institution in the name of the student.
Complete the Scholarship Acceptance Form and Proof of Enrollment Form online at:
Fund typePermanently endowed scholarship