Jose Alfaro Memorial Scholarship

Open toFor students at Franklin Pierce

This Scholarship is funded by donations made in the memory of Jose Alfaro, a member of the FPHS Class of 2011, whose life was cut short by a brain tumor.


A scholarship award is made to a graduating senior of Franklin Pierce High School who has completed AP or Pre-AP World History.

Amount1 scholarship(s) of $1,000 each. (total annual contribution: $1,000)
Award notesOne time award.
Selection criteria
  • Recipient must have completed AP or Pre-AP World History at FPHS.
  • Recipient must demonstrate the following qualities:
    • Dedication to achieving their dreams
    • Kindness and a sense of humor
Selection process

The AP World History teacher will select the top five or six students from a list of graduating seniors who have taken AP or Pre-AP World History at Franklin Pierce High School. These names will be submitted to the Franklin Pierce Scholarship Committee which will select the recipient from these names. An alternate shall be selected annually and the scholarship shall be awarded to that individual if the primary award winner does not meet the requirements of the scholarship.


Jose AlfaroJose was a member of the Franklin Pierce High School Class of 2011 whose life was cut short by a brain tumor. Being who he was, Jose lived far longer than his doctors predicted. He loved learning and all he ever wanted to do was go to school. He never complained, no matter how sick he was and faced every day with determination and a wonderful sense of humor. This scholarship was initiated by Jesse Bartlett who had Jose in AP World History. One of his last memories of Jose is when he showed up for the AP exam when he could barely walk and made it through the entire test. The scholarship will be awarded to an AP or Pre-AP World History student who exemplifies Jose’s humor, friendliness and determination.

Administration of the fundThe fund is administered by the Franklin Pierce Foundation, a nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Washington.
Method of payment
  • Receipt of a completed Scholarship Acceptance Form will hold this scholarship for the student. The scholarship can be held no longer than 16 months after June 30th of the year of graduation from high school.
  • Upon receipt of Proof of Enrollment Form including a student ID number, funds will be released to the institution in the name of the student.
Complete the Scholarship Acceptance Form and Proof of Enrollment Form online at:
Fund typeAnnual scholarship