Onyx Services Engineering Scholarship

Open toFor students at Washington

This annual scholarship is to support a student who will be attending a 2- or 4-year accredited institution in Washington State.



This scholarship is intended to provide financial support and encouragement as the recipient pursues a career in engineering.

Amount1 scholarship(s) of $5,000 each. (total annual contribution: $5,000)
Award notesRenewable with conditions.

The recipient may be awarded a total of $5,000, Students enrolled in a 2-year or greater program will receive $2,500 a year for up to 2 years. The recipient must show proof each year that they are continuing in their program of study and achieving a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Selection criteria
  • Must be a graduating senior of Washington High School planning a career in engineering. Although engineering is preferred, careers in mathematics or science may also be considered.
  • The recipient must have a record of good attendance.
  • Must hold a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • The recipient must be entering into a 2- or 4-year accredited institution in Washington State.
  • Must complete a brief face-to-face interview.
Selection process

The Washington High School’s scholarship committee will select three qualified candidates and a representative of Onyx Services will make the final determination of scholarship recipient and an alternate through a brief face-to-face interview process.



ONYX Services

Onyx Services is an engineering and project management firm that serves the energy sector. They are dedicated to supporting Parkland-area youth.

Administration of the fundThe fund is administered by the Franklin Pierce Foundation, a nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Washington.
Method of payment
  • Receipt of a completed Scholarship Acceptance Form will hold this scholarship for the student. The scholarship can be held no longer than 16 months after June 30th of the year of graduation from high school.
  • Upon receipt of Proof of Enrollment Form including a student ID number, funds will be released to the institution in the name of the student.
Complete the Scholarship Acceptance Form and Proof of Enrollment Form online at: https://franklinpiercefdn.org/forms-for-recipients/
Fund typeAnnual scholarship