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Being awarded this scholarship made it even more possible for me to start my college journey. I didn't know if I would be able to afford the college I really wanted to go to and knowing that I was able to receive a scholarship made me realize I was as long as I tried hard to make it work. It was impactful because it made me realize that I can achieve my dreams and goals as long as I try hard. This scholarship helped me already because it has allowed me to work towards my goal of being a teacher with a little less stress.
This award has made a significant impact on my future, as the support granted by this scholarship has given me the opportunity to focus on learning rather than financial concerns at college. With this award, I will continue my education at the University of Washington in Seattle in order to work in the medical field sometime in the future.
My time at the University of Washington has been an exhilarating endeavor of highs and lows and has only gotten crazier as I’ve entered my senior year this year. I am forever grateful for the Spirit of Service Scholarship for alleviating some of my scholarly stress by providing me with financial support. Though my passions and pursuits have changed as I’ve progressed at UW, I’ve never forgotten the people from Franklin Pierce that helped me get to where I am today. By the spring, I will be graduating with departmental honors in Environmental Studies and Political Science with a pursuit in sustainable agriculture and environmental pedagogy. I am proud to be sticking to my Spirit of Service values as I will spend this winter interning for my Environmental Studies Capstone, thus continuing to volunteer for my community. Thank you FP Foundation, and special thanks to McRae, Melvard, Murphy, and Zagar, I think about your teachings all the time.

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